Serendipitous Events by Julia

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About Us

We have been so blessed by amazing clients that have all graciously take the time to write a little bit of positive about us. All testimonials were taken from The Knot and Yelp.


Woelfel Weddding 5/17/15

 “My wedding was on Sunday May 17, 2015. Julia was my wedding planner. She was amazing! I hired her as my day wedding planner but she did more than just the day planning. She helped me organize my wedding and did even more than what was supposed to. She was very supportive, patient and nice. Julia is so giving and will go beyond to make sure the bride is happy. She gave me good tips on organizing my wedding and on that day she was there and made sure things run smoothly. For future brides, you need someone to make sure your big day run perfect. Julia was there for me and she will be there for you. You won't regret it! Thank you Julia!”

A Well-balanced Planner

“I highly recommend Julia. My mom and I did most of the planning together and we brought Julia on board about two months before the wedding to help us execute some last minute ideas as well as coordinate the day-of. In meeting with us, she was enthusiastic yet patient and a very good listener. She really understood that we had definitive ideas and she embraced our approach. She was never pushy nor controlling, she just gave her professional two cents both when we asked and when we didn't know we needed it. Julia helped coordinate a fantastic wedding parade down the streets of downtown Los Angeles that led into the ceremony. She made sure we had balloons in our wedding parties' hands and she made sure that the photographer captured every step of it. At the wedding, she always had her eyes on us (bride and groom-- it was our day after all!), making sure we had drinks, we ate, we got the photos we wanted. We felt cared for. After the wedding, I heard great feedback on Julia from our caterers, the band, the venue security, and family members. She was confident and in charge the day-of. She wasn't afraid to tell some of the hard-partiers "no" when it came to their drunken behavior. The day after, we went to the venue to clean up and Julia was already there (at 9am) and had taken care of almost everything for us. She even packed up some of our decor that we were ready to toss so she could donate it to charity events. She is just so thoughtful and will be a pleasure to have as part of your event. Hiring Julia will be one of the best things you do for your event!”

Event Planner Hires Wedding Planner

 “I met Julia as a vendor we hired for a bride at a venue I was working for and got an up close and personal view of how tenderly she treats her brides. I knew at that point I wanted her for my wedding also. Being very particular myself as a professional event producer myself, I knew I was handing over a tall order! All I can say is she is a bride's dream! She is so selfless and puts every bit of her passion into every moment of your day. I highly recommend her to any bride who wants to feel that much more special.”

Thank Goodness for Julia!!

“Julia was born for this business!! We initially hired her as a day-of coordinator, but she really does much more than we ever expected. On top of being highly organized and patient (because I am equally organized and a bit of a control freak), she remains calm and collected throughout. I've attended and participated in MANY weddings where I see the coordinators fall apart or get overwhelmed. I was so concerned about having a point person as organized as myself for the day of and after meeting with Julia the week before the wedding, I had absolutely NO WORRIES--and easing my mind from relinquishing control is no easy task! That's how much I trusted her. It really helped me kick back and relax the morning of so I could enjoy my day. On top of being extremely attentive with my husband and I, she was equally as wonderful towards our wedding party, friends, and family in attendance. Highly recommended and I am so thankful for all her help at our wedding this past weekend! It was perfect.”

Fernandez Wedding

“Julia and Christina are amazing! 

Stress free day! Can't wait to plan my next event using them! I would refer serendipitous events to anyone! I don’t think I could have a more stress free day without her! Not to mention as she was my day of planner she helped me along the way with anything and everything! She did more than just the day of when I thought I was going to fall apart she reassured me.

I can't even begin to explain how phenomenal Julia & her team are. From the beginning with a few email exchanges I could already tell how much I was going to like Julia. She has something about her that just makes you feel so comfortable, and she's so incredibly optimistic. When my husband and I met her in person she wanted to know our story, more about us, as individuals, and our love story. Which I believe just shows a lot about her. She just makes anyone around her feel comfortable and happy. I knew we were in great hands with Julia. I can't even express how amazing she is at what she does. Her attention to detail just astounds me. Before our wedding we spoke several times and she would ask me if I was stressed or anything she could help with. She's seriously, an angel. On our wedding day Julia and her team were on it!! Setting up all the decor perfectly. Before I walked down the aisle, I walked passed the ballroom and noticed our cake. The florist forgot to put flowers on it and it looked so bare. I'm huge on details so it bothered me. I was about to get married so I tried to forget about it. When we re-entered the ballroom I looked over at the cake and noticed there were flowers placed on it this time. Later on when I spoke to Julia I asked her if she did it, and she said yes. That simple gesture made so much of a difference, and I LOVE that she caught on to something like that and made the effort to make it PRETTY! I also asked her for some favors. There was green garland at the Ceremony site and I asked her if she could please move it right after the Ceremony into Reception at the head table. She moved it all and placed it so beautifully. Julia and her team perfected everything. Our wedding day would not have gone as smooth as it did without them. They all did so much for my family, husband, and I. We can't begin to thank them all enough. Truly. I have such a newfound respect and appreciation for all vendors, and coordinators! 

Julia referred my husband and I over to Mike. He's an amazing officiant if you're looking for one. He reminds me so much of Julia, so optimistic and just wants to get to know you and your story. He does an amazing job of sharing your story at the Ceremony, and he shares it so beautifully. Julia has one heck of a team. I'm excited for her to continue to expand and for all the future brides and grooms she will get to work with. One of the best decisions ever made. I'm happy to know that I will remain in contact with her even after our wedding, because she's truly a special human being. Something about her just radiates! She loves love and she loves all things in life! Thank you again Julia, from the bottom of my heart! We couldn't have done it without you! 

To all you out there looking for a coordinator, look no further. You will not regret having Julia and her team there!”

Stress-free and Magical Event 

“We booked Julia and her team for day-of coordination and would have been a wreck that day without her! 

Beforehand, we met several times not just to talk about our wedding but also to just chat and become acquainted. Julia is a lovely person with a heartfelt desire to make your event everything you want it to be. She was also a great resource on anything related to event planning, answering my many questions throughout the months. If I hadn't asked a question in a while, she would check-in with me to make sure everything was going okay! 

The week before the wedding is when all the craziness happens, but I felt confident that once control was handed over to Julia (along with our van-full of boxes of decor), we could relax since she would handle it. And she did. 

We were amazed that someone could bring our vision to life when we had given so little description of what that vision was! 

Throughout the evening, Julia would let us know if a decision needed to be made in terms of changing the timeline or extending the open bar. Otherwise, she worked her magic and kept things flowing. And she made sure no one left with a tall centerpiece vase! Those vase costs can be hefty...make sure someone keeps an eye out. 

We would definitely book Julia again. She made our day.”

Julia is Just Amazing

“To a beautiful person with such a kind heart,  

Julia your letter meant the world to me, it was so beautifully written. I can’t find the proper words to show my appreciation but I will try my best. From the moment we met there was an aura about you that I just connected with. You have such an easy going personality that made me feel comfortable and at ease to just be myself. You have such a high caliber that is one of a kind. 

Weddings are extremely stressful and I admire the energy you give to go through it every weekend. On the morning of our wedding day I remembered this...You taught me the importance of weddings, to always keep in mind that it is not the details nor materialistic things that matter, it is about the union of two people who love one another and sharing that love to the important people in our lives.  It is these words that kept me balanced and for that I am extremely grateful.  

Our wedding day was everything we could ever imagine. We are not perfect people but that day it was just perfect. We owe a big part of that to you. Thank you for being a friend and not making it just a job. You have been so supportive from the start. I am truly blessed to have met you and had the pleasure of having you part of our big day.  Thank you for the tears, the laughter and most of all for welcoming us into your heart. 

Side note:  thank you Mike for all the help during our special day.  Thank you for the wonderful compliments that just made our day even better.  I felt like my head was getting bigger with each compliment but you kept it coming, LOL. You guys are such a great team.  I'm definetly overwhelmed with all the love and kindness you showed us.  Duc and I are very lucky. With love and admiration.” - Anna  

Wonderful Experience!

“Serendipitous Events helped with our wedding and they were wonderful! Julia did an amazing job coordinating, arranging, and soothing all our nerves on our big day. Everything went off without a hitch, which is a big deal on one of the most lovely, yet stressful, days of your life. My reception was a dream and everything I could have hoped for. Julia helped ensure that the photographer was available to take photos at all the crucial moments, was my go-between with our DJ and got him booked for us, and her assistance with the decorations, place settings, and all of those little, but important, details was crucial to making the event a success. I highly recommend Serendipitous Events if you're looking for a wedding and reception experience that is both beautiful and as minimally stressful as possible!”

Julia is the Best... Like, Ever.

“Let me cut to the ending first. I have two younger daughters--when they get engaged, my first call is to Julia. 

So for my oldest daughter, Brittany, I was blissfully ignorant of all the details a wedding would incur. Fortunately, Julia knows the stuff and covers the areas of "I don't know what I don't know.

It's the little things that trip you up and we had NONE of that because she covered all the bases. 

I was so appreciative that in my toast to my daughter and her new husband, I actually said: 

And I’d also like to recognize and thank one person in particular who’s been instrumental in the role of wedding coordinator, detail arranger, soother of nerves, etc. and that’s Julia Whitley.

And I had her stand because she was definitely a member of the wedding party. 

Having been through this as the Father of the Bride and survived, I can testify that you will want someone who is calm, compassionate and supportive to a fault. That's Julia. 

I'm so bullish on her that I'm willing to talk to anyone who considers hiring her (as if my testimonial isn't enough!). 

If you want more info, e-mail me and I'll tell you anything you want to know: 

How's that for putting your money where your mouth is? haha 

Best of luck in your wedding and life together... I know my daughter and her husband had the best start possible: the perfect wedding.”